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I love to cook and try new dishes, and more often than not I am asked for the recipe, so I decided to start Little Miss Cookalot as a way of sharing my successes, and failures in the kitchen. The recipes that you find on LMC are what you would find if you came to my house. As a mother of two, there is a focus on food for fussy eaters and you may also notice I like to bake... Most recipes here are amended from well known chefs/cookbook authors, and you will find the source at the bottom of each recipe unless its entirely my own creation. Check back regularly as I hope to add at least 2 new recipes every week.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cassies Sausage Casserole

Not actual photo
500-750g Sausages
1 1/2 Medium Onions
2 fairly large green apples
2 T olive oil
2 tsp curry powder
2 cans (about 440g baked beans)
1 can (400g) chopped tomatoes
2 T brown sugar

Spray slow cooker with non-stick spray and turn on to low.  Arrange the sausages in the bottom of the slow cooker.  Slice the onions and peeled apples, add with oil and curry to a frypan over moderate heat and brown until nicely coloured.  Turn off heat and add the can of baked beans. Mix well, adding brown sugar. Tip over sausages (do not stir together with sausages).  Pour can of tomatoes on top of bean mixture.  Put the lid on and cook on LOW for 6-8 hours.  Serve with rice or mashed potato.
As above but bake at 140 degrees Celsius for 6 hours in a covered casserole dish.  THESE DETAILS TBC.

You can try shaping sausage meat into patties for a variation on regular sausages, although I haven't tried this myself.  I always freeze leftovers into either kids or adult portion sizes for an easy dinner.

ELLA-ometer    This is Ella's (and her Dads) favourite dinner
ZACH-ometer    He loved this pureed as a baby, and as he got older would only eat the sausages, but I'm slowly getting him to eat the sauce and the rice as well - it varies from day to day

Source: Based on the 'Cassies Sausage Casserole' recipe in the Alison Holst 100 Ways with Slow Cookers Recipe Book

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